standard terms and conditions

  1. Save as specifically provided for the contrary, these conditions shall govern the supply of services by Look-In Ltd, ("Company") to the customer ("Client") to the exclusion of any other conditions.
  2. Quotations are valid for a period of 60 days following the date stated on the quotation, nevertheless the Company accepts no liability in respect thereof or in respect of any order ("Contract") placed by the Client until accepted in writing by the Company.
  3. The Company shall supply Internal Visual Inspection and Retrieval facilities only used for Client. Whilst all reasonable efforts will be made to ensure the accuracy of written inspection reports, the Company cannot accept any liability for any loss sustained as a direct or indirect result of such reports.
  4. The Company shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure that equipment used for contract work is adequate and suitable, but the Company cannot accept for damage to Clients plant, machinery or property or for injury or to death of any person in or about the relevant site howsoever caused.
  5. Increased charges and / or delays resulting from any variations to the contract by the Client or caused by the Client supplying faulty, inaccurate or insufficient information or instructions, or by variations to the Contract by legislation shall be for the Client's account.
  6. The Company shall use all reasonable efforts to meet the Client's programmed timescales but accepts no responsibility whatever, consequential or otherwise, if target dates are not met. Any variations by the Client to the agreed start time, if made less than 48 hours before the programmed start time, or any interruptions preventing or hindering the Company from executing the programmed work, except where they are the fault of the Company, may result in additional charges to the Client.
  7. The Client shall ensure that the premises and site where Contract work is scheduled are in all respects safe and comply with current legislation. The Client shall notify the Company, in writing of any site regulations to be observed whilst on site.
  8. The Client shall supply, free in aid, facilities, services and the presence of such personnel as the Company and Client mutually agree are necessary. Failure to supply such assistance may cause delays and result in additional charges. The Company cannot accept responsibility for any intermittent or permanent on-site electrical interference which may affect any measurements. A "clean" 110 Volts electrical supply is required.
  9. Invoices, supported by signed and countersigned Jobsheets will be submitted upon completion of the work or at monthly intervals.
  10. All sums payable by the Client under the Contract shall be paid in full within 30 days of the invoice date without set-off or deduction. Late payment will incur interest charges of 3% over the National Westminster Bank Base Rate.
  11. VAT, if applicable, will be charged at the rate current at the invoice date.
  12. The Contract shall be construed and governed by English Law.
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