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Look-in provides survey reports and hard copies to satisfy the customer, authorities and insurance requirements in many types of industry. We have inspection equipment to cover the wide variety of situations and applications we encounter.

A power plant at night

Power Station Surveys

From coal fired 660mw boilers & turbines, CHP plants down to 50kw auxiliary units, -all will require inspection at some stage. Planned outage surveys or breakdowns, we have extensive experience in performing surveys ranging from header ligament examinations for cracking – to turbine steam legs for debris removal.

We have an extensive range of camera video equipment and tools to provide visual evidence of the condition of critical plant and machinery.

Detail of a defect 1 Petro-chemical Surveys

With the hazardous products and conditions involved in these environments, remote visual inspection has become a time and money saver. No more need for man entry into vessels and tanks – we have cameras with pan & tilt facilities that can zoom in to all areas to detect defects in linings, locate and assess deposits, even under water. Feel free to contact us for more information or if you have any questions.

Detail of a defect 2 Food Processing / Pharmaceutical Sites / Quarries / Structures

In the food industry we specialise in flue/extractor surveys and cleaning, providing evidence pre and post cleaning.

In the pharmacy field, samples/swabs can be gathered to pass to labs for analysis, vessels can be checked for cleanliness, specialist lining defects etc. Quarries sometimes require views of inaccessible areas of plant such as large machinery, burners, refractory linings and pipework. Bridges/tunnels/mine shafts/culverts/churches/historic buildings. All have inaccessible areas that may require scrutinisation for whatever reason.

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