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We have an array of inspection equipment and tools to handle the wide variety of situations and applications we encounter.

A camera

From miniature high sensitivity cameras smaller than 25mm diameter to waterproof 50mm high resolution cameras with remote focusing, high powered lighting systems. These CCTV cameras are used with purpose made carriers and manipulative rodding systems to obtain high quality pictures of pipework, chimneys, boreholes and turbine debris retrieval work.

Complete with high powered light source, these 6mm-8mm diameter endoscopes operate to distances up to 6000mm. They have 4 way articulation tips to enable the operator to obtain views of the most inaccessible areas of machinery, tubes, pumps, valves and gearboxes.

An endoscope
A crawler

Motorised crawlers
Heavy high powered wheeled crawlers can traverse pipework to distances of up to 200 metres. Cameras are mounted with forward view and pan & tilt to gain views of Culverts, drains, long lengths of pipework for weld inspection.

Retrieval equipment
With the aid of our cameras, we can locate and remove unwanted matter from inaccessible areas. Specialist tools such as scoops, hooks, grabs, magnets, high powered vacs are used to remove matter ranging from swarf in turbines to birds nests in chimneys.

A crawler with a nut
Some monitors

Editing facilities
We have modern video editing facilities and video capture in all popular formats. Master copies of surveys are archived for 12 months in case further copies are required or get mislaid.

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